CVS Client in Windows

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This is OLD content

This is to use the command line. For a graphical client, try TortoiseCVS (my favorite) or WinCVS.


  • Download cvs.exe from the page.
  • Click on the "Win32" link (beneath the "Where to Get CVS for Windows 95/NT" title) for the latest version.
  • Unzip to any directory. Add this directory (e.g. c:\path\to) to your PATH environment variable.
  • In WinXP or Win2k, go to the properties of My Computer, click on the Advanced tab, click on Environment Variables. Click New under User variables (or system if you want this to work for all users). Enter path and c:\path\to. In Win95, Win98 or WinME, run notepad, open c:\autoexec.bat and at the bottom, add the line set PATH="%PATH%;c:\path\to"

You can now use cvs in a DOS command prompt. For example:

cvs login
[enter your password]
cvs co alpha

Setup for MSYS/Cygwin

Cygwin has 'cvs' as an available package. Just install it with the normal package manager.

I have had varying success using CVS in the MSYS shell. I have been able to do a cvs login from a DOS prompt (the password input doesn't work in a MSYS shell) and then do any other cvs commands I want in the MSYS shell. However, I have not been able to completely duplicate this on other installations of MSYS and CVS.