Django OpenID

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Documenting and comparing the choices you have to get OpenID working in a Django app...

  • OpenID 2 is used by some providers, including Yahoo
  • Simple Registration Extension allows you to get name, email, etc. if the OpenID server sends it
  • Django auth/users integration means the OpenID is associated with a django user, so when they log in with OpenID they get a user account

Application OpenID 2.0 Simple Registration Extension Integrates with Django auth/users Misc
django-authopenid Y Y Y

Not being maintained any more

docs howto
django-openid-consumer Y Y N fork of django-openid, to add OpenID 2 support
django-openid (django_openidconsumer) code has a branch for it, but hasn't been updated since early 08 Y in development
django-openid-auth (launchpad) ? Y Y
django-openid-auth (google code) ? N Y not maintained at all
cookbook code ? N N not a standalone application