Komodo Pyflakes

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To run pyflakes from Komodo Edit, setup:

  1. Tools, Run Command
  2. Run: "/opt/python2.6/bin/pyflakes %F"
  3. check 'add to toolbox'
  4. expand "More >>"
  5. Start in: "%p"
  6. Parse output with: "^(?P<file>.+?):(?P<line>\d+):(?P<content>.*)$"
  7. check 'Show parsed output as list'
  8. optionally set PYTHONPATH as environment var (e.g. if using virtualenv,
  9. click Run
  10. in toolbox, right-click on new pyflakes tool, choose Properties
  11. Key Binding tab
  12. enter new shortcut key sequence
  13. hit OK